1, Create products.

Lets start making our own custom products. This is the following steps:

Step1: select the Create product” button both on the navigation bar or on the Dashboard. You should see this if things are right.

These items are base items from which you can put your own artworks on. Make it easier to customize, design and create a product.

To your right is the base navigator bar:

-       Recommendation shows the most popular base products currently based on sale.


-       All Products shows all the base items that PrintHolo provides such as: t-shirt, hoodie…


-     All Over Print Apparel are base items which allow full surface print

-       Living is a list of base items like flag, poster. 

Step2: Picking a base item by clicking on the item card. There you will be greeted with the customizing area.

Color picker: decide the background color ( artwork not included ) of the item.

Upload artwork: you can upload artwork to the front, back and the sleeve ( in the case of a t-shirt...) by dragging a picture to the shirt outline on the left or the three squares on the right.

Legal agreement: after uploading the artworks, you need to tick the LEGAL check box to certify that you own the artworks or allowed to use those artworks.


By dragging down you will see the base item details like sizes, measurements. And you can adjust the text the size chart.

Step3: Click on the upload area inside the items outline in the middle or the upload square as mentioned before to upload the artwork on the base item. A select frame will appear as shown in the image below

You can select the artwork ( in the area where the red arrow is pointed ) by picking one to create one product or pick more than one to create more products at the same time. Or you can drag a new artwork to the area where the green arrow is pointed at. New artwork will then be saved on your artworks collection. You can check your artworks collection by select the Artworks” tab in the navigation bar 

After you have pick an artwork(s) the customize area should look like this

Now you can adjust the image however you like in the new tab on the right. Click the Price” button on the top right when you are pleased with the current design. Note that you must upload artwork to all of the required areas. Example: for a t-shirt, you need to upload your artwork for the front, the back and the sleeve, and the minimum DPI must be above 300 if not then you will be reminded and cannot click the Price” button. 

Step 4: Start to price the new products. 

There will be a default price ready for you, you can change it directly in the default price but first choose a currency. The price will be converted to the currency in the Shopifys shop. If you want to calculate your profit more or change the price for each size,  please slide the Advanced” tab, it will open a new price input box

You can see the shipping and production fees based on size. You can then choose a price for each size separately. After that, select a shop on the right tab to sync the new products. Push publish and wait.

If success you can push Go home” to see the new product in the Products page

The active status means the product is available to sell, and the synced status means that the product has successfully synced with the Shopifys shop.


2, Order.

When a customer orders a product from our templated shop provided by Shopify. For example:

This will create an order in your Shopifys shop.

Then an order will appear simultaneously in PrintHolo Orders page. 

Note that only the products that are synced with Shopify are included in PrintHolo orders.

Fulfillment shows the progress of the order ( canceled, failed, fulfilled…). Payment tells if the customer has paid for the order or not. Total Cost shows the total cost of shipping and production. You can click on the ID to check the order detail like the quantity, size, cost and the order progress.

The progress bar shows what state the order is in. There is also the order information, customer information on the right. 

Billings will be added simultaneously with order. You can check billing detail in Billings page by selecting the Billings” tab in the navigation bar 

Now you wait for the production and shipment of your orders. When the order successfully delivered, the order detail may look like this.


3, Ticket.

          When you have an issue regarding an order you can send a ticket to our support service from PrintHolo by clicking on the mail icon


Or select Tickets” in the navigation bar. 

Then click on   “New ticket” button in the Tickets page

Enter the details by selecting the order number, name the issue and add a note if needed. Click submit. 

Go back to the Tickets page to see all tickets. Click ticket ID to see the ticket details. You can send mail to PrintHolo support department.