1. User Registration 


At first, if you are new to PrintHolo, a user register is necessary for further uses of the web app. Simply click on Register at the bottom of the Login page.

Then fill in the information to complete the registration or just registrate your account using your Google account.

Then return to the Login page to login into PrintHolo.

2. Dashboard layout

When you have successfully logged into PrintHolo, they will be welcomed with a Dashboard page. Here are some basic guides over PrintHolos Dashboard page. To the top left of the page is the navigation bar.

[table1]. Some basic information




Products page shows you all of your current products in the shop and their status


Orders page show all of your orders and their status including shipping status, payment status


Billings page show all of the payment you have made from all of your shops, including transaction details and customer’s information ( provided address, phone number, mail… )


Artworks page shows you all of your uploaded artworks. The artworks are uploaded via the create product process


Shops show all of the shops you have synced from Shopify


Tickets help users send issues to our customer support department and we will try to solve your problems


Return to dashboard

To the top right are the Create product button, the notification, and the users profile. The Create product button will be mentioned in the next chapter. Notifications will notify you with order updates, ticket updates, etc. By clicking on your profile you can set some of your information via selecting the profile” button or your payment method by selecting the payment” button.

Below the navigation bar are some stats and graph to visualize those stats.

     Fulfillment status count:

-       Pending

-       In production

-       Fulfilled

-       Rejected

-       Canceled

     Financial status count:

-       Pending

-       Paid

-       Failed

-       Canceled

-       Estimated profit

You can change the time period by click on the appropriate timestamp on the bar that are being pointed at in the image below.


And at the bottom are the activity logs on the left and the best selling products on the right.


3. Important for newcomers.

When you log in for the first time to PrintHolo there are some things that need to be done. You should notice some setting requirement notification on the Dashboard.

This means you are required to add a payment method and connect to a Shopifys shop. Just select the Manage Billings Methods” and "Go to shop manager” button to finish the setting:


    To connect to a Shopifys shop just paste your shop URL to the input box

Then click "add". It will redirect you to the Shopify website, then you can select the install unlisted” app to finish the syncing process. 

Now all the products you have created in PrintHolo are now in sync with your Shopifys shop.

Next is to set up your payment method. Just fill in your credit card details that are required and click the Add Debit or Credit Card” button. Now you are ready to start customizing your own products.